June 09, 2022

Hair rollers are a great way to add volume and texture to your hair. They can be used on wet or dry hair, but they’re best for use when you have damp hair because the heat from the roller will help set any style that is applied. The key to using them effectively is knowing how to apply them properly so that you get maximum results with minimum effort! Here we give you step by step instructions on how to do just this.

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1. Wash Your Hair

The first thing you need to know about using hair rollers is that it’s important to wash your hair before applying them. You should make sure that your hair has been washed at least 24 hours before starting to work with rollers. This helps remove all of the natural oils and other product build up which could cause problems later down the line if not removed. It also makes sure that there isn’t too much residue left in your hair after washing.

2. Dry Your Hair

If you start out with dry hair then it makes applying the rollers much easier as there won’t be any tangles in your hair. Check our article If you want to know more about why washing your hair too often isn’t good for your health.

3. Apply The Rollers

Once you’ve got your hair nice and clean then take one section of hair and divide into three sections. Start rolling each piece of hair up towards the top of your head. Make sure that you keep the ends tucked away underneath the rest of your hair. When you’re done rolling up the first section of hair then move onto the next section until you reach the end of your hair. Repeat this process until you’ve rolled all 3 sections of hair. Now comes the tricky part.

Once you’ve finished rolling up your hair then gently pull down the sides of your hair to create some height. Then tuck the ends under again. It’s important not to leave the ends hanging loose like this though – instead try pinning them back together with bobby pins. Don’t worry if they look messy; once you’ve styled your hair with rollers it’ll soon smooth itself out.

Now that you’ve created some extra length in your hair you need to decide what kind of hairstyle you’d like to achieve. There are many different styles available including curls, waves, spikes, braids etc. Once you’ve decided on the type of style you would like to go for then simply follow these steps below to complete the job.

  1. Take two small pieces of plastic wrap. Wrap around both hands and place over the middle finger and thumb of each hand
  2. Using your fingers, press firmly against the plastic wrap creating an indentation where your fingers sit.
  3. Place the plastic wrap inside your hair and secure tightly with elastic bands.
  4. Gently tug downwards through the center of your hair pulling upwards on either side.
  5. Continue doing this until you feel the resistance.
  6. Remove the plastic wrap and repeat steps 1–5 on other areas of your hair.
  7. After completing the above steps, spray hairspray lightly across your hair to finish off the styling.
  8. Let air dry completely before removing the rollers.
  9. Style your hair however you wish after letting it air dry naturally.
  10. Finally, rinse thoroughly with warm water to get rid of excess product.

The best way to use a roller is by using a comb or brush to separate the strands of hair so that when you apply the roller it will grip better. The second thing you can do is to put a little bit of conditioner in between the roller and your scalp. This will help prevent friction from occurring and ensure that your hair stays soft throughout the day.

4. Leave The Rollers In Place

Once you finish rolling your hair, leave the rollers in place for 6 to 8 hours before removing them. If you remove the rollers too soon, your hair will lose its volume. Letting the rollers stay in place allows moisture to penetrate through the hair shaft. It helps create stronger bonds between each strand of hair.

5. Remove The Rollers

When you’re ready to remove the rollers, start by lifting one section of hair at a time. Gently lift the top layer of hair first, followed by the next layer and continue working your way down. When taking the rollers off, be gentle as you may end up ripping the hair.

Now we know how to use the hair rollers step by step, let’s look at different types of hair rollers.

Types of Hair Rollers

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There are many kinds of hair rollers available in stores today. Some come as single rolls while others come in sets which include two or more rollers. There are also some specialty products like ceramic rollers designed specifically for curly hair. Here are just a few of them:

Single Rolls


These are usually made out of plastic and contain one long strip of material rolled up around itself. You simply pull it through your hair until it reaches the desired length then secure it with bobby pins. This type of roller works well if you want to create curls without adding too much bulk to your hair. It does not work very well for creating waves though since there isn’t enough surface area to hold onto the curl. If you need something quick and easy, this might be what you’re looking for.

Ceramic Roller Sets

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Ceramic rollers are similar to single rolls except instead of being wrapped around themselves, these rollers are attached together with an elastic band. These are often sold in pairs although sometimes they may only sell one color. Ceramic rollers tend to last longer than regular ones and don’t require constant maintenance. However, they do take time to warm up before applying heat to your hair. Once heated, they cool down quickly so make sure you keep them close by during application.

Velcro Rollers

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This kind of roller has Velcro strips sewn inside the casing. When you open the case, the Velcro sticks to each other allowing you to attach multiple rollers together. While this makes it easier to store and travel with, it doesn’t allow you to adjust their size once they’ve been opened. Also, they aren’t reusable after opening.

Foam Rollers

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These foam rollers are shaped differently than most other rollers. Instead of having a solid core, they have hollowed centers where air bubbles reside. Foam rollers are good for holding styles in place even when you start moving your head. Because they are flexible, they won’t break easily either. But they do lose shape over time due to the fact that the air within them expands and contracts depending on temperature changes.

Flexi Rods

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A flexi rod is basically a thin piece of metal bent into various shapes. Flexi rods are typically found in three sizes; small, medium and large. Small sized rods are perfect for short hairstyles whereas larger sized rods are better suited for longer lengths. Most people prefer smaller sized rods because they feel less bulky and weigh less.

Steam Rollers

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The steam roller is essentially a hot water filled cylinder that heats up the hair as it passes through. Steam rollers are ideal for styling thick, wavy hair. Since the hair gets saturated with moisture, it holds its shape better and creates smoother transitions between sections. Unfortunately, steam rollers cannot be reused after heating unless you purchase new ones.

Bamboo Rollers

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Bamboo rollers are another popular choice among women who love natural textures. They come in different colors and designs but all bamboo rollers share some common features. First off, they are extremely lightweight which means they can be used anywhere at any time. Secondly, they are inexpensive compared to ceramic or silicone rollers. Thirdly, they are biodegradable making them environmentally friendly. Lastly, they are also hypoallergenic meaning they will never cause allergic reactions like many synthetic materials can.

Silicone Rollers

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Silicone rollers are made from silicon rubber. This material allows users to style their hair without damaging it. It does not leave residue behind unlike waxes and oils. Silicone rollers are great for creating curls since they hold onto tight coils much more effectively than traditional rollers. The downside? You need to use a lot of products to achieve desired results.


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If you want to create volume while keeping your strands soft and bouncy, spools are what you should go for. Spools are usually made out of plastic and contain several individual rollers connected together. Each section of the spool contains a specific number of rollers.

Hot Rollers

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Hot rollers work by using heat to set the hair in place. These rollers are best for straightening curly hair. Hot rollers require constant attention so make sure you keep an eye on them if you plan on doing anything complicated.

Pillow Rollers

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This type of roller works just like a pillowcase except instead of being stuffed with feathers, this one has a sponge inside. Pillow rollers are excellent for adding body to fine hair types. If you don’t know how to properly apply these rollers, then you may end up looking like a poodle!


If you love how your new ‘do looks then why stop now? Just remember to always be gentle with yourself as well as your hair. Never force anything and never stress about looking perfect. Instead focus on enjoying the moment and having fun with your new look.

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  1. How do I choose my favorite roller?

There are two main factors to consider when choosing your favorite roller. Firstly, there are three basic categories; Ceramic, Bamboo & Plastic. Ceramics tend to last longer because they’re harder whereas plastics break down faster. However, bamboos are very light weight and therefore easy to carry around.

  1. Do all rollers work equally?

No, not really. Different styles will give you varying levels of control. For example, ceramic rollers are great for creating curls while bamboo rollers are better suited for smoothing frizzies. The same goes for natural rollers which are good for styling short hair while those designed specifically for thick hair are more suitable for medium length tresses.

  1. Do I need any special tools to use rollers?

Yes, you definitely need some sort of tool to help you get started. You should invest in an inexpensive plastic comb that comes with a built-in brush. This way you won’t have to buy another separate item later on. Also make sure you have a pair of scissors handy so you can trim off excess hairs if needed.

  1. What products should I use with rollers?

You want to avoid using too much product since this could cause build up and weigh down your hair. It’s best to only add a small amount of gel or mousse onto your palms first. Then apply them evenly across your scalp.

  1. Can I use rollers during sleep?

It depends on what type of roller you’ve got. Most rollers don’t contain chemicals that would affect your skin. But if you’re worried about sleeping with rollers then opt for something made from silicone. These types of rollers are safe to wear overnight without causing irritation.

  1. Are rollers harmful?

Roller usage isn’t dangerous unless you overdo it. In fact, many women swear by their daily routine of applying rollers before bedtime. There are no reports of serious side effects associated with these devices. However, excessive heat applied directly to the scalp may lead to burns.

  1. How do I know how often to use my rollers?

The frequency of application varies according to the style of roller used. Generally speaking, you should start out slowly and gradually increase the number of times per week until you reach your desired level. Once you achieve maximum results, reduce the time spent rolling every few weeks.

  1. Can I wash my hair after using rollers?

Yes! Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers recommend washing your hair within 24 hours of finishing your treatment. Others suggest waiting 48 hours before shampooing.

  1. What is the difference between dry & wet rollers?

Dry rollers are usually made from nylon bristles while wet rollers are typically made from polyester fibers. Dry rollers tend to hold curl patterns longer than wet rollers. Wet rollers are generally easier to manage when blow drying because they absorb water easily.

  1. Do all rollers work equally well?

Not necessarily. Some people find that certain brands perform better than others. So be careful when choosing one as there might be a noticeable difference depending on the brand.

  1. Is it okay to use heated rollers?

Heat helps loosen stubborn knots but also makes it harder to maintain tight curls. When heating rollers, set the temperature at around 300 degrees Fahrenheit.