March 07, 2023


“Everything we see in this world is the creation of women”

                                         –MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATURK

The grass is the beauty of the meadow, the stars are the beauty of the sky and the WOMAN is the beauty of life. Women are like RAINBOWS, spreading colors to everything around them with their beautiful personality; each unique and rarest of rare. 

A woman fills the world with laughter, love, compassion and warmth. Without women the world will become black and white like a barn without cattle, like a TV serial without subtitles.

A woman is a blend of beauty and brains who can put all  things right and if we talk about beauty it’s not always the outer beauty, but the beauty of being kind, respectful, friendly and facing everything with positive gratitude is what defines a woman. 

While it’s impossible to define a woman, as being a woman is complicated, let’s checkout few replies by men to know How Will The Planet Look Like Without Women?

Here are few responses we have received:

  • We can’t even imagine a world without her, a child without a mother. She runs the world, she makes the world look brighter and prettier.
  • Without her presence in the world it’s like a bird without wings, that wishes to fly.
  • One man claimed that there would be no more complaints about leaving the toilet seat up.
  • There would be no fun in earning the money, because who will spend it now.
  • The whole planet would be incomplete, silent just like the mountains without waterfall. A colorless world with no laughter, compassion, and warmth.
  • Women have played important roles in the family unit and in relationships, and their absence would have a profound effect on how these structures are formed and maintained.
  • Overall, it’s difficult to predict exactly how a world without women would look, but it’s safe to say that it would be vastly different from the world as we know it today.

The next question then arises is, “How Women Have Colored Your Life” and answers we got are:

  • A woman’s journey is a colorful experience which recognises women as a dynamic individual at all stages of life. They are the package of everything.
  • Whatever is given to a woman she will multiply it and give it back. I gave her house she gave me a home.
  • Women in my life taught me to be soft yet strong as being a woman means wearing high heels and still climbing the ladder.
  • The joy women bring along with them colors the colorless life, if a man treats the women in his life right then he is a blessed man !

Here are some colors that defines a woman:

  1. Pink As Blush: it is the color of growing up connected with unrequited love and care. It is a cheerful color that promotes the feeling of security and comfort and a color of hope which gives the certainty that everything will go well. This shows the unconditional affection of her heart for her close friends, families and even strangers.
  2. Golden As The Sunlight: this color exudes the charisma, uniqueness, personality making people feel at ease and respected. It is the color of accomplishment, success, and glory, and it is connected with luxury and quality, prestige and refinement, value and elegance. Hence signifying glory with charm.
  3. White As Dove: a white color for purity, for being a daughter, innocence, wholeness; it is brilliant and can add space or highlight. Aiding in the relief of emotional upheavals, providing a sense of serenity and tranquility, comfort and hope. She took care of her parents like a child just like a grown up would look after their loved one.
  4. Blue As An Ocean: as the ocean spreads and gives nature its beauty, same like women’s care, since it is peaceful, serene and soothing. A female best friend is all you need, as she is a very good listener and will definitely give very good advice on your relationship or breakup. She will listen to you without being judgmental and will keep it a secret unconditionally.
  5. Red As Love: red color indicates the courage and sacrifice a woman makes for her family. The color of heart and its beauty, the boldness, your spontaneous nature and power of being an ambitious individual.



So this women’s day let’s play with rang and make this women’s day, “A Holi Wala Women’s Day”.

Whenever you splash colors on someone this holi, then promise to give them a good haircare filled with love, but make sure you don’t go with chemical colors. Use organic colors which will make your skin glow and hair flaunt.

Women can embrace self-love by taking care of themselves and by pampering with a rewarding gesture is the first step to acknowledge their efforts.

Additionally, the beauty industry has also been instrumental in promoting diversity and inclusivity. In following years, there has been a significant push to create products that cater to a wider range of skin tones, hair textures, and body types. This has helped to challenge traditional beauty norms and promote a more inclusive definition of beauty.

On this Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the contributions that women have made to the beauty industry and continue to push for greater representation, inclusivity, and diversity. Let’s embrace our unique beauty and recognize that there is no: one- Size-fits-all,  definition of what it means to be beautiful.