March 11, 2023

Indian weddings are the most talked about weddings worldwide, which last for a month. From preparations to every ritual and pre wedding events, Indian weddings are full of colors. India is a diverse country with different cultures, so we can see different types of weddings here. Wedding quotes are in trend, not just on cards but even on social media and wedding decor too. Brides eagerly want to change their names from ‘’MS.to MRS.’’ A bride faces extreme mood swings of nervousness, excitement, butterflies in stomach and fear.

It’s a roller coaster of emotions and a lot of thinking of your wedding day. From mindless and stupid thoughts to panic arising thoughts. Your mind will be as confused as a man suddenly awakened from a dream.

Here we are with some crazy ideas/thoughts for brides and brides to-be.

  • Every Indian bride is very curious about their hair and skin. They want to look perfect on their D Day. The moment you wake up, all the hussle begins. You are gonna be bogged by these thoughts of getting a perfect wedding and your perfect look.
  • The time will pass as fast as lightning  and you will realize it was your engagement and in a blink it is your D-Day. The only thought would be sharing your last few precious moments with your family and friends. *Reality check: They would be busy with wedding preps*.
  • Your bridesmaids would be having fun, and the only thought that would run to your mind would be “wish i could be at their place, and someone else would be getting married”. Seeing everyone dancing to your favorite bollywood songs and making you crazy to step on the floor.
  • Choosing a hairstylist and makeup artist is the biggest headache for a bride. If they will reach at time to your big day is the biggest question mark. Making a choice of your hairstyle and makeup is the hardest decision ever. Let’s make this job easy for you, by giving you some options:


MODERN BRIDAL BUNS: Buns can never go wrong for a bride, adding flowers to it and giving it a modern plus traditional look is what brides demand. Brides who want to keep it contemporary with a hint of tradition, this is what you should bookmark now.

Bridal Buns

NON-FLORAL RIBBON BUN: This includes the gota patti ribbon giving a touch of golden to your hair, which is very popular among brides. It’s a super chic hairstyle for the brides opting for a royal color lehenga.

Non Floral Bun  

TWISTED BUN: Colorful baby’s breath are in vogue, this twisted bun outlined with carnations is a winner for a day. Pair it with a Pastel lehenga and you are all ready to rock your day and grab some eyeballs of your in-laws.

Twisted Bun

MESSY BRAIDS:  Just like your messed up thoughts on your D-Day or in a bride’s voice a “shit day” you are ready to glow with pearls and florals. Pearls have always been close to every bride when it comes to weddings. Now you can even add pearls to your hair. 

Messy Braid

MERMAID STYLE BUBBLE BRAID: This braid is simple yet magical with minimal embellishments giving a modern contemporary look. Be the real life Jasmine with this braid. If you are opting for a non floral braid, this is the best look you can opt for.


REGAL BRAIDS: Embellished braids are our personal favorite, the signature south bridal hair look is now roaring aloud in northern brides as well with a beautiful blend of dainty embellishments giving magnificent look and brides are using kalires as parandi and making us all drool over this hairstyle. 

regal braid


SIMPLISTIC REFINEMENT: This look is perfect for the brides who love minimalist approach on their D-Day. A stroke of eyeliner, a hint of mascara and tint of your favorite nude lipstick is all you need to glow with neutral dewy makeup which is B-Town brides most picked these days.                                                                                                                                                                                         simplistic eye makeup

SMOULDER SMOKY EYES: One thing you need to make sure is that your MUA should be good at it, else during your vidai your eye kohl will shed along with your tears. Your smoky eyes are as smoky as the night sky after a glorious fireworks show, hence pick the right choice for your Big Day ! Smokey Eye

A SUBTLE GLOW AND RED LIP: As pink lehenga, nude lipstick has taken over the beauty line but still red lips tops the list. This is the best look for Night-weddings. Let your Lips do the talking with a subtle and shiny base. Add dramatic eyelashes.

A subtle glow with red lip  

GLITTER EYES WITH A TINT OF SHINE: Glittery eyes with bold lips is the best combination for those who want to have a Bold and Beautiful look on D-Day. With heavy jewelry, big bindi and fluffy lashes with red lips altogether gives a flawless and royal maharani look. 

glittery eye with a tint of shine

After virtually imagining yourself as a bride and choosing your look, you are all ready to make it happen for real. Get ready to change your social status and update your whatsapp profile. 

Put your bridesmaids on duty by clicking your pictures before your tears shed out. Every bride wants to look good on their D-Day, not just to look good in reels but in real as well. Book your pre bridal appointments with best offers at GLAM STUDIOS to get flawless skin and beautiful hair. Not just for you, but you can even book a pre groom session for your charming prince.