Skin And Hair Care For Holi
February 28, 2018

Our favourite festival is here and we are all set to enjoy! The best gulaal, water guns, sprays and balloons have been bought and stacked. Pelting water balloons on random passersby has also begun. The markets are filled with exciting items, houses are about to be filled with the chatter and laughter of friends and relatives and the minds are filled with ‘surprise plans’ for the unassuming neighbours! Now, amidst all the chaos, you have forgotten something… yep, you need to protect yourself from the ‘surprises’ planned by others, otherwise, your hair will be filled with colour for weeks to come.  Read on to see how you can protect your hair and skin from Holi colour.


Begin with oiling

Before you step out, apply a good amount of oil on your hair and skin. This prevents the colour from coming into direct contact with your body and also makes it much easier to remove the colour afterwards. Visit your nearest Glam Studios and hair and body oiling so that you can get rid of all that colour easily. 

Cover up

You can opt for a full-sleeved T-shirt for extra protection. It is best to avoid any contact with colour at all. You can also use a scarf to cover up your hair so that the colour does not come in direct contact with your hair or scalp.

Tie your hair up

We understand you are in love with your mane but Holi isn’t exactly the best occasion to flaunt it. If you want to protect your hair from all the damage caused by the chemicals in colours and sprays, oil it and tie it up in a bun.

Do not forget to eat!

You need the energy to execute your plans and to respond to the attacks by others (sounds like a video game!). So have a good breakfast before you go out


Do not delay the bath

We often tend to sit around and relax after we are done playing because either we are too tired or too lazy to go and take a bath immediately. This might sound trivial but it’s important to take a bath quickly if you want to prevent the colour from entering deep into your pores. Delaying the bath will only make it more difficult for you to get rid of the colour.

A manicure to fix those tinted nails

We often ignore our nails while applying oil whereas this is the most important. You can’t really avoid your hands from coming in contact with colour (unless you are not planning to play at all!). Visit your nearest Glam Studios and get a good manicure to fix those ignored tinted nails.

Pamper your hair

No matter how much you protect yourself, somehow the colour always manages to affect your skin and hair. Whether you are fed up of the excessive oil and need proper shampooing, or your hair is really damaged and you need a good spa, we are here to your rescue! Book an appointment with Glam Studios now and forget all your skin and hair concerns.

We wish you a happy and safe Holi. Enjoy!

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