Five Gifts For The Most Important Woman In Your Life
March 05, 2018

International Women’s Day is hardly a week away and what better day than this to thank your special someone! Our world is a lot less harsh thanks to the women in our lives! They are there for us through thick and thin and comfort us in our times of despair! It’s our time to thank them and express our love. If you’ve been racking your brains wondering what you should gift them, don’t worry we got this sorted! We present to you 5 gifts for the most important woman in your life, it could be anyone; your mother, your wife, your sister. These gifts will please them all!

1. Take A Trip

Take a trip with your loved one. A little change of air will help lighten the atmosphere and will relieve them from the stress of everyday life. You could make the trip special by customising it. Ditch the regular trip to the cinema hall and plan a getaway to the mountains or the beach! Choose a place which is calm and away from the hustle bustle of the town. The serenity will help you two bond better and would help calm the nerves.

2. Service at Glam Studios

With the ever increasing toxicity in the atmosphere, it’s not fashionable but imperative to take care of the body. Treat your special woman with a session at Glam Studios. It could be a full body pampering session to heal her body or it could be a hair spa session. Don’t worry we’ll save your trip to the salon, you can easily fix an appointment online with Glam Studios and select the desired session and you’re set to surprise her with your quick-thinking!

3. Hear her out

It is not necessary that you have to always burn a hole in your pocket to please your woman. You could move beyond materialism and just alter the way you treat her. Patriarchy has conditioned us to not take our women seriously. This Women’s Day, request her to speak our her mind. Ask her, her views on life, politics, sports. Indulge in a conversation with her and try to find out what is going on in her mind and her life! Give her the respect she deserves as a human being and this time, instead of speaking over her, let her speak!

4. Dine out Or Play the Chef

The way to a person’s heart is through the stomach! Relieve your loved one of the burden of cooking and cook for her, something she devours. It could be a simple rice-dal meal or an elaborate dinner, what matters is your thought behind it. In case you are a bad cook , treat her at her favourite restaurant. It’ll make her day! And don’t forget, a little ice cream after dinner, never hurt nobody!

5. Books!

Books are probably one of the best gifts ever. They just can’t go wrong! If your woman is into reading, find out her favourite authors and genres and give her something along the same lines. She will love it. If shes not much of a reader it is a good idea to give her some magazines or start with basic fiction books. You’ll help ignite her love for the written word and she’s always going to love you for that!

So those were our 5 best gifts that you could keep in mind for your loved one. We tried to keep them economical and loaded with personal touch.
Happy Gifting!

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