Six Surprising Reasons You Keep Breaking Out
March 06, 2018

If there’s one thing that humankind unanimously hates, it’s breaking out! Pimples can be irksome and they tend to make us irritable because they seem pretty uncalled for. So, when, one gets punished for no apparent fault of theirs, the anger comes across as pretty justified. We are here to tell you, that maybe knowingly or unknowingly, you signed up for it! Here’s a list of 7 things that are a part of our lifestyle that makes our faces, pimple’s paradise!

  1. Spicy Food

Yes! As much as it tastes ravishing, it’s definitely a pimple pumper. Okay, so you don’t believe it? Here’s some Science for you:  Spicy foods contain tomatoes and peppers, which in turn contain, acidic lycopene, which shoots the skin’s pH level and thus ensures breakouts! Watch out for the amount of spicy food you’re consuming.

  1. Scrubbing Skin Too Hard

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Of course, we’ve all been there! We tend to scrub our faces too hard under the illusion that it’ll render the skin gorgeous and shining but alas! All the effort ultimately results in pimples. Scrubbing Skin too hard with cloth, cleansing brushes, rough exfoliants helps spread the bacteria across the skin and is a major pimple popper! Don’t be harsh on your skin, okay?

  1. Smoke

As if the cancer was not enough already, smoking also causes pimples. The logic behind this is that every time one smokes, there’s less oxygen going to the face. Also, the carcinogen dries out the skin, irritates it, and prompts it to produce more oil and subsequently more breakouts.

  1. Picking at the Pimples

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Isn’t that the best thing? It makes one feel empowered and gives a sense of a combating position, where one is face to face with the oppressor! But what if I tell you that it actually aids the oppressor? We know. Worst thing ever! Picking pimples can lead to a permanent red scar.

The solution? Try and keep the hands away from the pimples.

  1. Stress

I know, you’re thinking, you’re stressed because of the pimples but really dear, the pimples are present because you’re stressed in the very first place. Complex logic of the world! The best way out is to stop worrying about whatever you’re worrying and to turn a blind eye to your guest pimples. If you stop stressing over them, they’ll stop appearing.

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  1. Sun

No matter how much your parents tell you about the sun and the benefits, sun dries the skin and triggers oil production, so the only viable option is to either avoid it or to take necessary precautions like sunscreen before you risk your skin again.


Well, now that you know that these are hampering your skin, it’s time to drop out these habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle for a smooth, glowing skin.