Tips And Tricks To Make Your Hair Grow Faster.
March 21, 2018

Almost all of us are obsessive about our hair growth but we often tend to feel that their growth is beyond our realm. What if we tell you that this is false? What if we tell you that you can actually make your hair grow faster? Stunning, right! A little change in lifestyle and you can catalyse your hair growth. Here are a few tips for the same:

Things To Take Care Of.

  • Be patient, it can’t grow overnight

As much as we’d like to believe, magic can’t help us out here. Hair growth has science behind it. According to the U.S Center for Disease Control, hair grows at an average of 0.50 inches (1.25cm) per month which means the average person grows 6 inches per year. We can sure increase that by using the below-mentioned tricks but for all our suggestions, you ought to keep calm because stress and hair growth don’t go hand in hand.

  • Healthy and Balanced Diet

Healthy and balanced diet is not only the key to a better lifestyle but also remarkably helps in hair growth. Here’s a list of food that work wonders for your hair, so make sure to include them in your diet.

  • Eggs [Provides Protein]
  • Spinach and other dark leafy greens [Provides Iron]
  • Citrus Fruits [Provides Vitamin C]
  • Nuts and Seeds [Provides Omega-3 Fatty Acids]
  • Whole Grains [Provides Biotin]
  • Carrots [Provides Vitamin A]
  • Avocado [Provides Vitamin E]
  • Give your Scalp a Massage

Massage your hair using Coconut Oil. It’ll not only make you feel relaxed but will stimulate blood circulation and will help the hair roots to strengthen. So, give yourself a massage every once in a while, two times a week being ideal.

Visit your nearest Glam Studios and get yourself a relaxing head massage.

  • Scissors Are Your Friends!

Trimming your hair regularly actually ensures better hair growth. Visit the salon once every three months and have your hair trimmed. Damaged hair, inhibit the growth of hair by thinning them and leading to breakage. Regular trimming ensures that the hair remains healthy and thus grow faster. But remember, only trim your hair, don’t get them cut too short!

Book your appointment at your nearest Glam Studios for the perfect haircut.

  • Switch Your Pillow Covers

We bet you’d never thought about that! Replace your cotton pillow covers, with silk ones as they are smoother and causes less friction. This means that your hair won’t get tangled and thus less hair fall.

  • Supplementation

You could consult a specialist to find out supplements that would work best for your hair growth. There are a variety of supplements available in the market like biotin and multivitamin tablets that can work wonders for hair growth.

  • Protect Them

It is imperative to cover your hair and save it from the dust in the surrounding. Dust and heat strip the heat of moisture so it is a good idea to cover the hair using a scarf or a hat.

  • Condition 

Scalp Care Head Massage Head Spa Este

Always condition your hair after washing them. Conditioner helps replace proteins inside the hair shaft, and also seals the cuticle to helps the hair grow longer. 

  • Drink Water

Make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Water flushes out toxins and helps the body function properly 

5 Things To Avoid

  1. Brushing Wet Hair
  2. Using Hot Water to Rinse Hair
  3. Brushing your hair too often.
  4. Shampooing every day.

Now that you know the tips and tricks to grow your hair faster, apply them to your daily routine and experience longer hair within a short span of time.