February 23, 2023


Play this holi with some love and gulaal. Holi is the festival of colors but brings damage to hair and skin along with themselves. It is celebrated with virtues of goodness and evils, so why not fight the evil of our hair and bring goodness to it. In traditional times, it was played with homemade herbs and flowers. But in modern days it includes toxic inorganic colors which are harmful for your hair.

Hair is the most essential part, which defines the beauty of a girl. Changing hair color is more complicated than it appears. The most vital thing is to bring a reference picture with yourself to avoid the unwanted surprise. Are you not enjoying the colors of holi the same way you used to in your childhood, because of your hair? Congratulations! You are at the right place.

Let’s observe the problems and bring the easy solutions to it. Here we will be discussing some tips and tricks on how to be flawless with your hair even on holi.

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Dry and wet colors can cause itching to the scalp and can even worsen your dandruff, if the colors are inorganic: use a shampoo that goes with your scalp to avoid dandruff. Read the instructions carefully to know if you have to wash it immediately or to keep it for a few minutes.

Holi hair

Try covering your hair as the synthetic dyes can make your hair dull and dry: the chemicals in the synthetic color can change your hair color, degrade the hair texture and can weaken the original hair strength. This can make your hair look like a mess. Tie a bun and add a scarf/colorful bandana to give a stylish look to your holy fashion and add a style texture to it. Your hair is 90% of your selfie, so take good care of your hair. Imagine clicking selfies with blue green hair after celebrating holi.

pink dyes hair

Try to avoid direct contact with the colors to your hair: Deeply nourish your hair with an oil which suits your scalp. As oil creates one more layer and nourishes your hair from roots. Oil penetrates into your scalp after an hour, which prevents the colors from settling down into your hair, which makes it easier to remove it later. Oil protects the color from settling down into your scalp. 

The colors used during holi can make your hair go dull and brittle  and can even cause irritant dermatitis. This results in acute headache, itching and irritating burning scalp. As you get excited for holi colors, it’s your duty to protect yourself from toxic colors.

holi hair

Hair spa is the best treatment for itchy and dry scalp. As it repairs and revitalizes the damaged hair. This will strengthen your hair and will help in combating hair thinning. It’s A four step procedure which includes; oiling, massagin, washing and hair masking, which leaves your scalp deeply conditioned and nourished.

hair spa

Hydration: keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of liquids. This precludes dehydration, which can prevent from getting your hair harsh and your hair color harsh and vulnerable.

hydrating girl

Wash your hair the right way:  rigorously rinse your water, to get rid of dirt and chemicals particles stuck in your hair. Apply a mild shampoo to your hair and gently massage it for at least 10 minutes. This will help in dissolving the dust and colors stuck in your hair. After that use a strong/rich conditioner to bring back the moisture that’s been drained out from your hair.

hair Shampoo

If you are already done with your ghar ke nuskhe and still not getting the shine and smoothness of your hair back then KERATIN is the good solution for it. It gives the lost protein back, giving strength to your hair thus making them silky, shinier , softer and smoother.

hair Karetin

After holi, untie your hair, let your hair breathe into the air. Do not comb your hair with colors as it can lead to the breakage of it.

A woman’s mood is dependent upon the hair color she has as it is the most exciting thing to do. The question then arises is that; whom you should trust to dye your hair. Worry not, book your appointment to your nearest GLAM STUDIOS salon. The trustworthy and a go to salon. We are here to make your process easier and smoother.