Tips & Tricks To Get Vibrant, Long-lasting Hair Colour!
December 22, 2017

Colouring your hair is amazing. It looks super cool and makes you feel awesome. But, it is no secret that maintaining that hair colour is the toughest task that there is. It is actually a lot harder than getting permission from your folks to get your hair coloured. *coughs*

Since it is a tedious task, taking care of that hair colour- we narrowed down the list to these essential 5 points that will make sure you have long-lasting hair colour.

(1) Choose your hair colour wisely

The very beginning should be with selecting the best hair colour that there is. Some hair colours can be very harsh and may leave your hair extremely dry and damaged. Also, make sure you fix your already damaged hair because hair colour lasts longer on healthy hair. Also make sure to get it done from a reputed hair salon for high quality colour. It is super important to look for the best hair colour.

(2) Wash with caution

This is the first thing that you must keep in mind once you’ve gotten your hair coloured. Do not wash your hair for very long and avoid using very hot water. Also, keep in mind to use the shampoo which is specially made for washing coloured hair. This will not let the colour fade away too soon.

(3) Use less of the conditioners

Deep conditioning is very good for your hair, but once you get your hair coloured, you shall avoid doing it very often. Conditioning very regularly will make the colour fade away very soon. If the colour starts to fade away, do not colour it again at home but go to a Salon for a quick touch-up.

(4) Do not overuse hair styling tools

Use less of hot iron rods and straighteners and other hair styling products. They leave the hair dry and damaged. An overuse of these will make your colour look dull.

(5) Protect from direct sunlight and pool water

It is very important to protect the coloured hair from direct sunlight. Make it a habit to use caps, hats or scarves (preferably silk scarves) whenever you step out in broad daylight. Also, swim smart and always use a swimming cap so that the colour doesn’t fade away too soon.

These are a few amazingly simple steps that will make your hair colour last for longer, keeping it as vibrant as you want.

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