Travelling For New Years With Your Partner? Ladies, You Must Grab These 6 Services!
December 23, 2017

New Year is just around the corner. We bet you’ve already planned out the entire New Year’s Eve party and the legendary vacation that you’ve always wanted to be on with your beau. Well, after surviving the whole 2017, you do deserve a vacation! But are you really fully prepared? Have you ticked off every box on the list? Or did you forget tending to yourself in the midst of all this planning?

If you did, then we are here to remind you! To make this easier, here we have a list of all the Beauty Services that you must grab before you leave for your romantic getaway.

(1) Get waxed, girl!

Yes, it is freezing. But you surely would have planned a holiday to someplace warmer. A place where you can flaunt your legs and wear airy clothes. If you’ve been turning to waxing at home, here is why you should stop right away!  Book an appointment already, girl! You deserve those rad vacation pictures!

(2) Facial first!

You should make sure that you get a relaxing facial before you head out to the vacation. It will give you the much-needed glow and you will not have to worry about those blemishes. You can choose your facial according to the skin issues you have and be a radiant new you. Facials are what you deserve these holidays!


(3) Hair Spa is a must!

Your hair is going to go through a lot. You must get a Hair Spa beforehand so that they do not get many damages. The change in the air will affect the hair and you’ve got to make sure that those locks don’t lose their lustre.


(4) Tend to the brows!

Glam those eyebrows up! You gotta get them into the right shape because they sure do look rad! Go to the Salon a few days before you leave for the vacation because freshly made eyebrows look awesome!

(5) How about a Keratin Treatment?

Are you too lazy to take care of your frizzy hair on the vacation? Well, then go for the Keratin Treatment. When you get this service at such low prices at Glam Studios, why not just get it done? It is so much easier and looks so pretty!

(6) Colour it up!

What are vacations for if not experiments? Try colouring your hair with the hues that you have always wanted, and complete that vacation look. You should not try to colour your locks at home, but instead visit professionals and of course, choose a hair colour that is ideal for you. Those freshly dyed locks will look amazing in the pictures and will make you rock every look!

So, what are you waiting for? Put an end to all the prepping and get yourself totally ready for the vacation! Head to the nearest Glam Studios for amazing services at the best prices!